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Rohan Sethi. Nicola Protetch. Tim Roughgarden.

Matthew Braughton. Madeline McCormack. Purchasable with gift card. Cosmetic Sadness Automatic Ecstasy The Space Between Everything Cinnamon The Spit of the 's An Entire Afternoon There is a Door Phosphene AJ and Tim create a sound world where jarring and narrative vocals interact with sonorous, blue bass tones and forests of synth.

Subtle melodies coexist alongside smoldering, buzzing drones, sublime electronics, and indiscernible field recordings, all smudged together to forge a slow-paced swirling mass. A beautifully peaceful sadness is revealed, creating a perfect atmosphere of cosmic dread and a cinematic sensitivity that compliments the unfolding observational dialogue.

Luciferian Towers

His drawled, surrealist lyrics reflect a weariness and an isolation from society. He touches on apathetic voyeurism, city life, regret, self-reflection, human disconnection via accelerated technology, and the bleakness of modern sterility. The delivery and the content of the lyrics impeccably conveys the drab routine and impersonality of day-to-day life, like the disoriented narration of an existential crisis.

AJ and Tim succeed in communicating the confusing psychedelia inherent in the mundanity of modern human existence. Yanqui is post-colonial imperialism is international police state is multinational corporate oligarchy. Black Emperor is complicit is guilty is resisting. The new album is just raw, angry, dissonant, epic instrumental rock.

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Black Emperor at the original Hotel2Tango in Montreal. Side A: 1. Includes a poster and digital download code. Following several visits to the city over the years, Osama Sam Shalabi moved to Cairo in , arriving at an apartment one block from Tahrir Square, in the midst of Egypt's 'Arab Spring'. Shalabi describes The Big Mango, his new and phenomenal work for his Land Of Kush big-band, as "a love letter to Cairo" framed by "the beautiful, surreal madness of the city…as joyous, horrific, historical events were unfolding".

In combination with the peaking intensity and electricity of Shalabi's compositional vision, The Big Mango coheres, sparkles and soars: a distillation of the sonic trajectory Land Of Kush has been charting for the past five years.

Zip'Up: Fiscal Paradise

Faint Praise 2. Second Skin 3. The Pit 4. Sharm El Bango. COIN COIN Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile is the much-anticipated new installment of Matana Roberts' unique and forward-looking project and it finds Roberts conjuring some of the most nuanced, thoughtful and substantial American liberation music of the 21st century.

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Mississippi Moonchile was developed for an intimately woven New York jazz sextet and represents the next leap forward in Roberts' iconoclastic and complex project of memory and recuperation, where historical and contemporary musical tropes, fragmentary spoken and sung narratives, and Matana's cascading alto saxophone are supported by prodigiously talented players. Chapter Two unfolds as a cohesive album-length piece, playing with notions of dignity, rarefaction and restraint.

The six players are in a perpetual motion of coalescence and divergence, where melodic themes, occasional ostinato passages, and variously deployed literal voices serve to rally the overriding theme of individual narratives and personal expressions as struggles with, celebrations of and threads within collective history. The contortions of empowerment, pride, shame, suffering, eulogy, empathy, liberation and transcendence are Matana's raw material in the broadest and most specific senses; she has given this raw material another beautiful and compelling shape in the second chapter of the COIN COIN story.

Invocation 2. Humility Draws Down Blue 3. All Nations 4. Twelve Sighed 5. Spares Of The World 6. Secret Covens 7. River Ruby Dues 8. Confessor Haste 9. Amma Jerusalem School For This Is. Side B: 1. Responsory 2.

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The Labor Of Their Lips 3. Was The Sacred Day 4. Lesson 5. Woman Red Racked 6. Thanks Be You 7. Humility Draws Down New 8. Sandro Perri returns with his new full-length Impossible Spaces, four years after his previous and criminally overlooked album Tiny Mirrors. Ronen Givony, the NYC-based music writer and curator offered to contribute an essay about Impossible Spaces and we were happy to oblige.

Excerpts below: By definition, every music lover is also, inevitably, an evangelist. That is to say: beyond the tiny group of artists that everyone more or less agrees on, there exists a perpetually overflowing pool of musicians who, for whatever reason, never quite manage to earn the audience and attention the evangelist believes them to deserve.

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It remains an open question, this thorny subject of art as oligarchy or meritocracy: whether deserving artists, regardless of resources, eventually do reach the audience they "deserve" — whether it is in fact true, as the old saying goes, that the cream does ultimately rise to the top — or if certain artists are unjustly consigned by the fates to recognition only late in their careers, or posthumously, if at all. The very top of my own personal evangelical list is the Toronto songwriter Sandro Perri. Happily, Sandro's new album, Impossible Spaces — his first release since , and, not coincidentally, his most accomplished to date — will, with any justice, achieve the work of proselytizing far better than me.

Among the lively artistic community of Toronto, Sandro Perri, whose other musical projects include Polmo Polpo and Glissandro 70, is all but universally beloved as a musical treasure. Indeed, unprompted, many Toronto musicians will tell you that Sandro is the true best exemplar of that unique intersection that characterizes the city's omnivorous musical scene: partly improvised, partly composed, and roughly equal parts acoustic, electronic, melodic, noisy, rock, jazz, folk, classical, psychedelic, and experimental. On first listen, Impossible Spaces seems to position itself self-consciously as a collection of music about other music.

In this sense, we can think of the album as one listener's personal map of music history, with various voices, phrases, and personalities materializing to guide a song for an instant before disappearing again. Upon further listening, however, and true to its title, the album reveals itself as something more conflicted, and seemingly contradictory: a six-part meditation on the binaries of absence and presence, the possible and impossible, with a symmetrical internal structure reflecting this back-and-forth dialogue from one song to the next, and an emotional push-and-pull within the personality of the singer and songwriter himself Sarah Neufeld 'Hero Brother'.

Includes a poster and a digital download code. Tower 2. Hero Brother 3. Dirt 4. You Are The Field 5. Breathing Black Ground. They Live On 2. Wrong Thought 3. Are they ok with items being returned and replaced for "minor flaws"? Location: Beautiful San Francisco, man. Location: Worcester, MA.

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