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An assessment will guide what treatment is required for the desired result. We sometimes get asked to just fill the top lip. This has been established over many centuries with formulas dating back to Leonardo DaVinci and before. We may politely refuse to provide a treatment we believe is not going to provide a beautiful result.

What is the most popular area of the lips to get filled and what different results can I expect? It is difficult to generalise because there are a variety of lip shapes.

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Ultimately, we can either define the lips, or volumise them. When treating lips, it really helps to have an artistic eye and ensure the result is in harmony with the rest of the face. If I get coldsores, can I still have my lips filled?

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In that situation, it would be wrong to treat and you should wait until full healing has taken place. For patients who have a history of cold-sores, we would perform a lip filler treatment and also give a prescription for tablets to take to prevent an outbreak. This is because the injections can occasionally trigger an outbreak of cold-sores and a prescription of tablets like zovirax, but stronger can prevent that form happening. What happens if I decide to stop having fillers? Will my lips go back to how they were originally? Lip filler volume will gradually fade away over many months as the HA is broken down.

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Without maintaining the volume enhancement, the lips will, of course, slowly return to their original size. Are there any risks involved in having lip fillers? Any medical treatment has some risks. By seeing a trained clinician Doctor, Dentist or Nurse , your individual risk will be assessed and discussed as with any treatment. This is where the informed consent comes in as it is critical that, as a patient, you understand the risks involved.

Dermal Fillers

The majority of procedures have no complications, but when things do go wrong, it is essential to be in the hands of someone who can recognise and then treat the issue. Hyaluronic Acid HA , as noted above, can be dissolved and this makes lip filler treatment in capable hands a much safer procedure. Do lip fillers have an immediate effect? Lip fillers provide an immediate volume enhancement. Treatment is associated with an element of trauma and swelling which is usually mild, but sometimes a bit scary. Usually within hours, the full result is seen.

How long do the results last for? Results vary depending on the product used and how quickly it is broken down. Some people do find that it breaks down more quickly and, for these patients, there is little that the doctor or nurse can do other than repeat the treatment a bit more frequently.

Glasgow woman who got lip fillers couldn't leave the house for 3 days after botched job

Is there anyway of making them last longer? We have tried everything to maximise how long the volume will last. Ultimately the lips are continually in motion and this does make the product break down a bit more quickly. These products are designed for mobile areas and as such appear to last longer. How often will I need more treatment? It is impossible to advise exactly on this. Rarely, we see people who seem to need a repeat treatment after 3 months, while others have a maintained volume after 1yr.


The average person will need a repeat after around 6 months but this will vary depending on expectations. There is, of course, the additional factor of getting used to larger lips. We will, of course, guide our patients on this aspect and they usually reflect on photographs and realise their lips are still nicely full. This scenario is, apparently, a bit like getting a new hair-style and then becoming used to it. Will my lips still be sensitive? What are the chance of my lip fillers going wrong? It is very difficult to give a risk for this.

It depends on the knowledge and training of the person administering the treatment. And the health of the patient, whether they take blood-thinning medication.. Correct assessment, selection, procedures and product makes it, overall, a very safe procedure. Does it need to be a doctor to fill my lips? There are many choices and many excellent ones. The best option is the one that your clinician feels most comfortable using and had good results from.

Lip Augmentation for men

Why do you have different products listed? Can you explain which ones you use and for what? As noted above, we provide an individual service, aiming to provide the ideal result. As such, different treatment and product options are required. A younger lady may wish to have the maximum volume and fullness.

A slightly older lady may seek a subtle volume restoration. Such a patient may receive RHA2 which gives a beautiful, soft, natural restoration. What are the differences between each product? There are a vast number of different product options. Thin Lips. Sagging Cheeks. Uneven Nose. Eye Depression. Hollow Temples. Nose to Mouth Lines. Smokers Lines. Facial Volume Loss. Frown Lines.


Forehead Lines. Crows Feet. Jaw Contouring. Rough Skin Texture. Mole Removal. The problem: As your skin thins and bone density diminishes, facial folds and hollows can become more pronounced, making you look older. The solution: Cheek Augmentation uses Anti Wrinkle Injections to restore volume and fullness to the cheeks, making cheekbones appear more defined and youthful.

This treatment can also improve the balance of a face affected by cheek deformities at birth or through injury. Rejuvenate the eye area, and you can take years off your appearance. As we get older, those dark circles become ever more noticeable. The solution: Dermal fillers plump and smooth the lower eyelid contour, reducing depressions and the dark circles associated with them.

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The results leave you looking less tired and more youthful. Professor Khanna is one of the leading figures in the Aesthetics world and has developed facial aesthetics on a global scale. Appearing on documentaries such as Cosmetic Surgery Live, and being involved in the award winning Nip-Tuck, Khanna has paved the way for facial aesthetic clinics to appear on our doorsteps.

His technique is so ground breaking that only a few clinics across the UK have adopted the method. The technique aims to give you perfect heart shaped lips. Heart shaped lips are beautifully feminine and hugely popular with our patients. The technique provides a more specific shape than normal lip filler treatments as the technique of injecting the filler is more skilled. Dr Rita Poddar is one of the only a few in the U. To provide this unique "Angeline Jolie" lip procedure. Treatments are swift — some take as little as 10 minutes — and involve a small injection of one of a range of fillers.

All will leave you free to return to work or enjoy the rest of your day without any significant after-effects. Effects vary in length from person to person, and depending on the specific treatment. As examples, Eyebrow Lifts may remain effective for 6 months, Non-surgical Facelifts for 18 months, and Cheek Augmentation from months. Arrange your free consultation and we will explore your treatment options and costs, to find the right, affordable solution for you.