Extreme couponing tips for novice couponers

They include coupons for a variety of brands. Procter and Gamble publishes its own coupon insert at the start of each month. If this week's paper has a lot of good coupons, consider buying extra copies. This website has hundreds of printable grocery coupons for all the major brands.

How to Start Couponing for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide ( Update)

They typically allow you to print two of each coupon, so be sure to max out your prints. Grocery and Drugstore Websites. This includes both manufacturer, as well as store-specific, coupons. Get in the habit of checking for new coupons before you head to the store. Sometimes there are even freebies. To redeem your coupons, just present your store card at checkout. They make it easy to snag coupons and cash back deals for things you'd buy anyway. To save even more, look for opportunities to pair an app deal with other coupons i.

You can often snag freebies and moneymakers this way. Take a peek at some of these magazines the next time you're waiting in line, and you may just decide that buying a subscription is more than worth the cost. Look for coupons on store shelves, on products and on the back of your receipts. Also look for coupons to print at the register. If you see a "Try Me Free" sticker on any product, be sure to check the packaging for a rebate offer.

Shampoo companies frequently run these types of promotions. Additional places to look:.

Junk Mail. High-value manufacturer coupons have started to appear in junk mailers, so be sure to look before you toss them. Direct From the Manufacturer.

Harris Teeter doubles coupons every day with a face value of up to 99 cents! Other stores, such as Kmart, will have special double coupon events. And, when paired with sales, you may walk away with free groceries. Perfect for beginners.

Couponing for Beginners – Tips for Dummies

How do you organize coupons? Here are a few of my fave methods to do just that. Envelopes: This is one of the original methods of coupon organization, and one that still is widely used. Simply buy the standard white letter envelopes, label, clip, sort and go.

Second Step

The recipe box: This is another original tried-and-true method. Organize by brands, expiration dates, category and more. Simply flip to the section you need and pull out your coupons. Did I just give away my age? Well, now they have even better and bigger binders, such as Case-It splurge , or a generic 3-inch binders deal. Simply buy some plastic card protector sheets and a few divider sheets, and organize your coupons by section food, personal, pet, etc.

Or, get really extreme and organize by brand, complete with a zipper pouch with mini scissors, pens, notepad, and calculator. Expandable accordion folders: You can use the mini ones to organize your clipped coupons kind of like the recipe box , or you can buy the larger ones and organize your whole coupon inserts by date. Find a coupon you need? Refer to the inserts date, pull it out, and clip!

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Avid couponers are always on the lookout for high-value coupons that will make their purchases free, or even profitable. You scored yourself free peanut butter. Stores will most likely not give you the difference back in cash, but rather apply the overage to other items in your cart. Be polite and inform them of the policy and fine print, or talk to their manager. When you find coupons that are valued at more than the price of the item, you can use a lot of the same coupons to buy products at no cost.

Coupon overage can help you reduce the total grocery bill, saving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every year. Here are some quick tips on how to organize and actually use your great deals. Create or find new ways to cook with all your groceries. Organize by type and expiration date. If you do find yourself stocking groceries and other items in weird places bathroom cabinets, perhaps? Maybe give yourself a break for a few months and then come back to it. These days, coupons are everywhere — in newspapers, magazines, online. Bookmark your favorite coupon sites, such as Coupons.

Their coupons change frequently and usually are reset at the beginning of the month. Some of the best coupons mentioned at the sites above are located under some of the larger cities, such as ZIP codes Atlanta , Beverly Hills , Schenectady, N. Sign up for Facebook. The majority of brands now have their own Facebook page and often offer special coupons that can only be found there. All You. Common Kindness. Home Solutions. Wounded Warrior Coupons. Healthy Essentials. Did you know that you also can score some hot coupons right inside stores?

These are small electronic devices that contain coupons and have a red light that blinks to catch your attention. A lot of times, these coupons come from SmartSource and are manufacturer coupons. Keep an eye out for coupons on products themselves. Keep similar pages together, so when you begin to clip them, you can clip them all at the same time.

Write down the date of the insert with a black felt-tip pen, so you can identify it more easily when you need to search for a coupon by date. Does your grocer double coupons, price match, accept competitor coupons, or give rain checks if sale items are out of stock?

Extreme Couponing Tips for Regular People

These policies can help you save even more money, and they may not be prominently advertised. In addition to looking online and searching through newspapers, look for even more ways to find and stockpile coupons. Stores often print booklets that list rebates for in-store items. Sign up for rewards cards at the stores where you shop. The cards provide shoppers with additional savings. Once you sign up for rewards cards, you will also receive additional coupons in the mail. You can use this opportunity to set up your long-term home food storage. If a store puts a limit on a necessary sale item, visit other store locations to create your stockpile.

You can also donate excess items from your stockpile to charity. However, if a sale and coupons result in 40 free tubes of toothpaste, get them anyway. When you give away items from your stockpile, you make room for more, and it feels very good. Keep the toothpaste you need, but give the rest of it to a church, homeless shelter, food bank, or other charity that can put the items to good use.

You can also put a basket of items together and give the basket to a friend, neighbor, or coworker as a gift. It seems counterintuitive, but when you give from your stockpile, the size of the stockpile increases. You may even be able to take tax deductions for charitable contributions and donations. Get the most out of coupons by using them during small shopping sprees. When you only buy a few items at a time, you can receive the most savings from sales and from your coupons. Stores seem to alternate sales items, discounting various items at different times of the year.

If you can make multiple trips to the grocery store, and limit the amount that you buy on each visit, you can use coupons for sales items only, thus maximizing your savings.