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From Amazon. From Kohl's. Alternatively, if you want an even cheaper Dyson vacuum but don't want to sacrifice power, try the Dyson V10 Animal. It's exactly the same as the V10 Absolute, but comes with six accessories, instead of seven — you don't get the soft roller cleaner head for hard floors. The V11 Absolute isn't just the best Dyson cordless vacuum you can buy — it's the best cordless vac, full stop. As a result, it's rarely subject to a Dyson deal, but if there's a discount to be found, you'll see it above.

So what's so good about the V11? Well, it has 20 per cent more suction power than the next-best Dyson vac — the V Plus, it comes with a new cleaner head that "intelligently adapts for optimum cleaning on all surfaces" and improved battery life, so you can vacuum for longer too up to an hour.

Top VACUUM Deals for Black Friday - Happy Money Saver

There are also three different cleaning modes Eco, Auto, Boost and a real-time LCD display to indicate how much cleaning time you have left, and flag up any blockages. If you've got the cash, the V11 Absolute is a beauty. However, if you can't justify the price of the V11 — but still want Dyson's latest and greatest cleaning tech — take a look at the Dyson V11 Animal instead. It's an unusually lightweight upright, and in this type of vac the 'Ball' element really comes into its own. This engineering triumph allows the vacuum to dance its way around corners and angles, and is pleasingly easy on the arm.

Considerably more affordable than the Big Ball Animal 2, the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor nonetheless offers a great mix of excellent cleaning as an upright vacuum cleaner — its main job — with a side order of handling smaller jobs in a more cylinder vac style, via a choice of accessories that attach to a removable suction tube. A simple button system alternates between carpet and hard floor modes, or you can easily pull the suction tube out of the handle of the Light Ball Multi Floor and get stuck into stairs, 'crevices' and miscellaneous surfaces.

It's also quiet and energy efficient.

Black Friday Dyson and Vacuum Cleaner Deals – Everything you need to know

If you have pets the chunkier Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 below might be more up your street, but the Light Ball should suit most users just fine. Stable, powerful and designed to spring back up should it ever fall over, this is a textbook cylinder cleaner with some very handy additional heads. For pet owners, especially, it is quite possibly the Holy Grail of vacuum cleaners, especially when used with the groundbreaking Tangle Free Turbine tool.

You don't see many Dyson Eye deals, presumably due to a lack of economies of scale in its production, and the fact that it's the most expensive thing Dyson sells — at least until such time as its cars come online. It also has an unusually good app which can also control all Dyson's other connected products , impressive suction and even looks quite good. Dyson's latest move has been into grooming products, with the revolutionary Supersonic hair dryer and the brand new, multi-headed Airwrap styling, erm… thing.

You won't find many deals on the latter just yet, but there are sometimes discounts to be had on the hairdryer. Built with a powerful V9 digital motor, and sporting Dyson's innovative multiplier technology, the Dyson Supersonic produces high-velocity controlled air for fast, controlled drying. In fact, Dyson reckons the Supersonic is, 'up to eight times faster' than the current top-selling hair dryers in Japan the country has a huge market for hair-styling tech, relative to its size and 'half the weight'.

Certainly it virtually halved the drying time for us, compared to our standard, rather cumbersome hair dryer. As always, this innovation comes at a price and you won't see many Dyson hairdryer deals that dramatically drop the price. You'll see today's cheapest prices above. The Dyson AirWrap is a fantastic multi-tool hair styler for creating a range of looks without having to use several individual hair appliances to achieve the same result.

As you'd expect, the AirWrap Styler doesn't come cheap. But if there's a deal to be had, you'll see it above You're usually off getting the latest Dyson fans , rather than the less expensive, older 'Link' ones.

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They are better at what they do, and more attractive. However, when the older models are significantly cheaper due to being on sale, they become quite tempting. The Dyson Cool desk fan is engineered for smaller spaces, and works well to cool a bedroom or small space. If you want an air purifier too, you'll need to look elsewhere. But, when it comes to value, this is the best Dyson fan you can buy because it works all year round.

It cools the air during the summer, heats during winter, and purifies all year round. Plus, it can turn degrees, has voice control via Alexa, and it pairs with the Link app to report on air quality. It cools and hydrates — very quietly — and comes with UV light technology, which kills germs and keeps the air hygienic, too. It will work evenly in large rooms, and can run for up to 18 hours at a go. Prefer to browse the discounts yourself? Here are the biggest Dyson sales you need to know about.

Animal models or ones with no suffix come with a motorised head for floors, a smaller motorised head for upholstery, stairs etc — both of these are good for getting rid of pet hairs but are also useful to non-pet owners. The other tools are the essential extension pole so it's not just a handheld, a combi tool for general handheld cleaning, a crevice tool and a brush tool for dusting — this one seems entirely superfluous due to the presence of the combi tool, but there it is.

Kingdom Vacuum 2018 Black Friday Vacuum Specials

Absolute models are exactly the same but add an excellent spongey, motorised head specifically for doing hard floors. Total Clean bundles include an extra flexible crevice tool and attachment for cleaning the tops of cupboards from below with — both quite handy but hardly essential. Pro models are exactly the same as Absolute ones, but exclusive to Dyson and in different colours!

Top TVs for every budget, every 5G phone rated, the complete guide to smart doorbells, and more! Everything you need to know about Disney's new streaming service, all in one place. Get the best sale prices on superb Le Creuset cookware. Save money with the best Simba mattress deals, discounts and bundle offers. Save over a third on Simba mattresses, duvets, pillows and more with this deal. It also has shorter cord and hose 25 ft. Because of these limitations, Shark Navigator NV is much more suitable for small-to-medium size apartments with fewer hard-to-reach areas. The most popular, high rating model from the Shark brand.

Shark Navigator Professional NVE is featured as one of the top 10 vacuum models for many years since it has a perfect design for multiple floor cleaning, pet hair cleaning, thick carpet cleaning at an affordable price. The major complaint about this model is that the cord is not automatically retracted, however, this will not affect the cleaning experience too much.

Basic design, super cheap price. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is a good vacuum for the money. It is one of the cheapest full-size upright models from the brand. This unit is designed for general use. You can clean both hard floors and carpets with this model by shutting off the brushroll, or you also can clean upholstery, curtain, ceiling with the long hose and dusting brush and crevice tool in the package.

Best Black Friday Deals on Vacuums

The maximal dust capacity is about only 1 dry quart, therefore it is recommended for users who are very serious on budget and have a small-to-medium size apartment only. Most advanced model, best for performance. Can deal with not only thick carpets and bare floors, but it is also capable of giving the floor a polish look when you engage the brushroll on the floors so that you do not need to wet mopping again.

It is only about 15 lbs.

One of the major downsides of this model is that the hair can wrap around the brushroll and you have to remove them by hand. Shark has resolved this problem by presenting a newer model called Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M, featuring the automatically self-removing wrapping hair. The unit has all great features of Shark Rotator line such as Lift-Away canister, HEPA filtration, large dust cup, swivel head, steering control, LED lights, fingertips control and full set of accessories premium pet tool, pet multi-tool, hard floor hero to pick up hairs, larger debris and fine dust.

We believe this is the best deals from Shark brand during Black Friday event. Shark Rotator NV This model is another top-rated upright unit. You just only need to spend less than 80 bucks in total when apply both of them to get this model. Most Recommended. Percent Discount. Check Price on Amazon. Other Deals. Latest Design. Ultra-lightweight only under 8 lbs.

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Bunches of tools for cleaning tiny areas. You can use Shark Rocket not only for home cleaning but for car detailing too Ergonomic design: fingertips control, swivel steering head and 2 options for storage wall-mounting or stand on its own. Best for general use, a low-cost mode. Popular model. Thousands of household have chosen it for daily use. Versatile to carry around with the Lift-away canister.